David Glanzer

A History In Production

Deciding at first to be an actor David studied the craft and starred in a number of regional theater productions, a few commercials and even some features. In between acting, he would serve as production assistant on a variety of short films and developed a love for behind the scenes film work.

     When the opportunity presented itself to serve as an extras casting assistant on Mississippi Burning, David jumped at the chance. That project, in turn, lead to the Holly Hunter, Mary Steenburgen film Miss Firecracker directed by the multi-award winning Thomas Schlamme. Other projects followed and his career as a Casting Director was set.          

     In the course of his newfound profession, he was surprised to discover that even though many actors studied their craft diligently, some had no idea of the nuances between acting for stage, television or features. By reading talent he could give pointers to young actors, or offer suggestions that might make for a more beneficial audition session.

     His fervent belief that film is art lead him to offer his services to several young film directors from Southern California film schools. “I was amazed to learn that many cinema departments only touch on the casting process and many offer no real practical experience at all,” he has said.

     David has served in a co-producer capacity and has even sat on the Telecommunications Advisory Panel for one Southern California institution.